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Refurbished Cookers


Our bread and butter, we supply a massive variety of AGA cookers in almost every colour and shade imaginable with a fuel type that suits the lifestyle of the end user. 


The cooker models we offer:

The following models are available in in all three fuel types; 

  • Oil

  • Gas

  • Electric

Picking a fuel type for your cooker is a personal choice but one we can certainly guide you on. It is worth noting that not every model we offer is compatible with each fuel type but if you contact us for more information, we can advise you on this accordingly.

  • 2 oven – 4 Options: (1) Standard ‘old classic’ (2) pre 74 ‘deluxe’ (3) post 74 ‘deluxe’ (4) post 95 ‘classic’.

  • 4 oven – 4 Options: (1) Standard ‘old classic’ (2) pre 74 ‘deluxe’ (3) post 74 ‘deluxe’ (4) post 95 ‘classic’.

  • 3 oven 

  • Newer models available to add on a module option

The fuel types we offer:



The differences in the above fuel types; generally the Oil and Gas cookers operate in the same fashion the only difference would be that most property’s will only have one fuel type available to them, making that choice a relatively easy one. It is worth noting that flue requirements are needed for all oil and gas cookers. 



With electric cookers, there aren't any flue requirements, this is purely due to there being no harmful gasses to remove from the room. The three different Electric choices you have are; the 24/7 kit (sometimes referred to as a 13AMP), the Electrickit (sometimes referred to as the ‘Total control’) and the new ECONTROL which works similarly to the Electrickit. The 24/7 does what it says on the tin. Is on 24/7, with a single thermostat controlling the cooker, similar in operation to the gas and oil models. The Electrickit/ECONTROL, is a lot more flexible, with an independently controlled oven, simmer plate, boiling plate and cabinet (cabinet only applicable to 4oven models). All choices have their own advantages and disadvantages that you would need to weigh up, in order to find the kit that is best suited to you and your lifestyle. 


Please see separate pages for more details, specifications and details regarding these kits.

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